For a long while, I have struggled with balancing 5d (spiritual) and 3d (material) realities. For instance, if we individually choose our soul families, what does that mean for how we collectively respond to child sexual abuse?

That some of us choose a particular set of experiences for our soul’s growth cannot mean giving up on collective responsibility for that experience in this world, maya or samsara as it may be.

In other words, if our material world will never be the same after this pandemic, what are we going to do about it?

Before we get to that, here’s two major don’ts.

Do not succumb to the temptation of other-ing.

On one level, the virus is being traced to Chinese wet farms. Before we point fingers at “them”, we have to question why wildlife farming began in the first place. We may then find that we have a collective responsibility for the poverty that drove this practice in the beginning, AND for the greed that kept it going. If the universe is a fractal hologram, endlessly reflecting itself, we have an opportunity here to heal the parts of us that want to blame the other so we get past “us and them” and get to ‘we’ in fighting this together.

Do not see this pandemic as an isolated three-six months of our lives.

In our lifetimes, we have not seen a public health issue of this magnitude. The last such experience was in 1918 with the great plague. I’m concerned for pot-banging denial that goes looking for sparkly masks and fails to understand that the present moment is screaming at us to change our lifestyles significantly in preparation of what is to come.

Here’s what to do, based on your personality adaptations.

1. If you’ve seen this coming and were tending to schizoid anyway, here’s your chance to find your purpose, your route to connect with others meaningfully.  Its time to use your expertise, and ability to chill by yourself and show us the way out.

2. If you’re codependent (borderline adaptation), this is a great opportunity to get on your two feet, emotionally. Learn to ask for what you need, don’t expect people to read your mind, don’t overextend or chase people that give you just enough to keep you hooked. This is a great time for dating, counter-intuitively. People looking for an easy lay are hopefully going to look elsewhere as long as this self-isolation lasts.

3. If you’re narcissistic and know it, deep dive into your artistic/creative/showboating side, turn it into a side-hustle, get your need for admiration met in a healthy, constructive way.

If you’re planning a major life-change already, let me know in the comments.

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– Aqseer


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