If you know me as more than the scary figurehead of this huge ass brand, you know I have always stood by men. Especially as a radical, raging feminist, scratch that, as a furious feminist, I have ALWAYS defended men to crazed “feminists”.

MRAs have met the organizers and supporters of SlutWalk Bangalore in the respectful middle.

I have been a naive idiot. My ideals made it so I gave men second chances where not even one was deserved.

Most Indian men of the English speaking variety are transphobic, sexist, and just plain lame.


So this is me, throwing in the towel as your ally. Go fight the she-wolves yourselves.
Cause this way, ain’t none of you stepping up. You’re busy pointing fingers at me and my diagnosis and asking me if I’m manic and why I’m not calm,



hahahaha. You are no man.

Good bye, abusive pieces of lame lendi shits.

PS – Beatrice is a shit feminist. Do not read her. She hates on men for their biology, I will make it a point to call lazy feminists out. That’s the new tack. Didn’t cause women scare the shit out of me, but that’s my trauma, and I’m working through it.

Stay accountable folks. Stay sensitive.
And above all, never, ever out a person with their diagnosis. It’s like the N word. You don’t get to say it, only I do. *Rolling eyes continues*

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