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Many years ago, I inhaled, digested and tried to pass on what I learnt of Provocative Coaching by Jaap Hollander. Since no one is as excited about it as I have been, here’s the magnificent text in a nutshell + how I’ve incorporated it in my practice.

Now some of you have been witnessing my blinding growth and flashing changes to the practice in a cross-eyed fashion. Plus, you don’t even know me from the time I started, much less when I was a snarky, bully of a sarcastic pain-in-the-ass kid growing up.

Bitch is snarky. 🙂

My clients will testify that I can often hit the nail on their proverbial heads. Aarti Kuber refers to my style as “something else” and thanked me for my “teers” at the end of a 1.5 hour session with her feminine power+mystique Chandrakala Collective.

Everything I’ve learnt by way of integration my various gifts into one bullet-train of sticky insight is thanks to this fantastic text by Jaap.

Jaap is a torpedo-head like me, and he doesn’t believe in pulling punches on the client.

Here’s the 5Ws and 1 H of provocative coaching as deployed by Mr. Hollandaise in my own telegraphic style.

  1. the Problem is not a problem. Make it worse. Go along with the client’s catastrophising.
  2. the coach is not the container. Force the client to step into that role and push you to SEE that there is in fact a problem. Classic reverse psychology.
  3. the client wants to believe in themselves. Make fun of them, exaggerate their tendency to “split” – aggravate the black and white thinking till they begin to defend themselves. Nicknames are THE love language.
  4. build the client a coat of self-esteem armour, trust in their ability to step up and be their own parent, own adult, and own inimitable, empowered child.
  5. take their punches, turn them into jokes. Roasting is the ultimate love style.

Have fun! Therapy is a goddamn drag beyond a point.

To coach with me, read my FAQs, then sign up here. Depending on where you are in your mental health journey, we’ll spend 3-12 sessions on your childhood trauma, then up your game and get you in coaching.

How much, dude?
– 3000 per session which will be between 45 minutes to an hour.

<3 \w/

Aqseer Kaur Sodhi 😉

PS – before you come to me for coaching, please watch Coach Carter and The Last Dance. You’ll thank me later.

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