Once upon a time,
there was a Bhanvra
and a Bichoo.

They’d had it rough
getting to be
Son of the Sun and
Daughter of the Moon.

Theirs was

live and die,
fight and fly

by the rhythms of
the tides, Indra,

flowers, rainbows, unicorns standing by

One terrifying day,
the Monkeys started sprinting
across the everlake

The Bhanvra and Bichoo then knew

That snake! it must have bit a Langu

and now
the dam Pugs were on their way.

said the Bhanvra,
I’ll take the sky
you take the sea

we will see then
what’s meant to be

the Bichoo cursed and dove under
the Bhanvra kissed a poppy and
rose under

To this day,
it’s the butterflies
that marry the twain.

The mother of the Shebas
wails as she wars

Where did my Cassie go
where o where did my Kassie go

oh I miss her so
Oh God I miss her so.

Aqseer Kaur Sodhi, for Nirmal Sangha.

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