I have been groomed to handle the public eye since I was born.

blame my mother, she has always known she’s a superstar, and her first kid was going to be no different. those of you in the legal and psych fraternities know well that I slog all the time (it’s a problem) and have been watching agog/aghast since I started climbing the long road to being a celebrity psychologist, family lawyer, entrepreneur and IPR expert. what makes it toughest to digest is that I’ve remained humble.

blame my dad. he’s a chiller at heart.

I’m writing all of this to let you know, while I’m between gigs/jobs that as long as you don’t stare too hard (it makes me spill my filter coffee) and as long as you respect my time, no matter how frosty I appear and how distant I seem to have gotten from you from my Breathe, Chat days, I am and will always be Harry-crazy-Aqsy. its the double Aquarius.

I love what stands the test of time first and foremost. so though I’ve upped my rates and I will not reduce them for anything in the world, I am only a phone call away for pro-bono advisory. I hate these big words I’m using but sometimes these things need to be stated.

cause I hear I’m spoken of as “she” rather than Aqseer in some contexts, such as when gaze gets too much and I throw my literal phone away… and so on. suffice it to say I’m over my fantasies of being Rip Van Winkle, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and I miss so many of you it hurts.

call me. and if you gotta talk trash about me, at least call me Aqseer. I’m not she-wolf, you are 😛

– me.

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