1. Thought Catalog is a shitty publication to write for. They just refuse to give you a backlink, nor do they respond to communication asking for it. At this point, I want my singular piece on that site down. Luckily for me, even this request will be ignored, so you will keep benefiting from that piece while this website gains nothing from your trolling.
  2. At this stage in my feminist career, I mistrust women the most. Sad, but true. If you wanna know why, host me on your podcast, and please, ensure it’s monetised, or seriously, don’t bother.
  3. Rom-coms are dead. This is especially sucky because that genre ought to have survived us queers. No one loves tales of heartbreak more than two or more queers kept apart by circumstances beyond our control. Homer, who?
  4. Every time I give up on this website and decide I’ve given GoDaddy enough business, it’s now time to fold and sink quietly to the bottom of the internet-sea, a new client finds me and insists they want to work solely with me, and so I resurface with my resting-bitch-face and get to work. This belongs on this r/trueoffmychest because not all off-my-chests are bad things.
  5. I am a romantic, pretty traditionally so. The whole queer thing doesn’t make me ace, nor aro. Nor does being slutty make me incapable of commitment. You would know how committed I can be to the wrong person if you were one of my close friends. Sluts can be private. Morning.
  6. Whoever told my advisor that my lucky number is 3, you smart.
  7. Go get you a lucky number, it helps with the “mild-OCD.”
  8. Thanks for reading. – Aqseer

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