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Firstly, please consider my application withdrawn. Secondly, you’re welcome for the free policy advice that follows.

I am writing this as an exhausted content creator and champion of free speech, and as a former user of Instagram.

Let me just tell you, the only thing you have going for you now is inertia. And that elderly people love WhatsApp. I ran my first public campaign off of Facebook. When reports started surfacing of surveillance behind the scenes, I told myself it’s cool, privacy is a myth, at least I know what agencies have my data. That was Facebook like 5 years ago.

You acquired Instagram and turned it into a na Ghar ka na Ghat ka losing platform which has become an absolute cess-pool of the worst that the internet has to offer – we call them influenzas, not influencers. You should really keep up with r/Instacelebsgossip, I rest my case.

Now you want to rebrand Facebook after putting us through a facelift, changes to Pages, changes to your community guidelines, dizzying changes that are only rivalled by Modi and co. – you are not a people’s movement, you are not a socially responsible corporation and you are certainly not Google.

Be evil. Just know what you are and be true to that. Can you do THAT much?

  • Aqseer

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