Firstly, welcome. It’s a small club, but we fierce.

If you’re tryna be me, cause I’m retiring, folks – it’s a slow retirement, but I’m almost gone now. You gotta represent India at the Olympics, don’t you? And you gotta learn hapkido, all of that. Here are some notes for your team.

1. She needs porter porties/potties to be functional. She’ll find the one at INA is clean enough, but she must carry sanitizer if she’s not as used to field work as I am. Baaki they tend to be filthy/actually shut and the smell is overpowering. Prof. VS Elizabeth taught us the difficulty with maintaining feminine hygiene in the field. Women get UTIs/kidney stones cause it’s never safe enough for them to go anywhere everywhere.

2. I feel like everyone on the team should know whether she uses tampons or pads and carry one at all times. Periods are hella unpredictable and if she has PCOS then she could start bleeding at any time. No one likes being distracted by unforseen spotting.

3. OB tampons you find in the remotest areas cause hippie women use tamps. I think cups everyone is sick of, you need to boil them before and after use, it’s a pain. Basic pads are best.

4. She has to be used to getting stared at and practice riding without you guys.
5. Get used to being guided by HER intuition + instinct. If she’s banking left and you thought you must go right, now is not the time to question. Follow, ask questions later. Preferably don’t ask questions at all. The answer tends to reveal itself soon enough, and you’ll be glad you listened to her instinct.

Back to you.

I think we’ve got to a point where it’s largely safe to get out and ride/run. Up high.

Thanks again Delhi, UP, Gurgaon, Chennai, Maharashtra police + traffic police for being super supportive of me riding, driving and running at all, as well as odd hours.

You, girl, you got this.



– Aqseer

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