Ah, anger, the most shameful and misunderstood of emotions.

If you’re an angry person, or you grew up around angry people and have no idea to do with that emotion, I have news for you.

  1. You are not a snowflake. This is the most common reaction to having anger issues.
  2. Get help. If screaming in a pillow, or getting into kink, or getting piercings and tattoos, or being an adrenaline junkie isn’t helping you channel the rage, you need help.
  3. Stop projecting your rage on other people, then hating on them for their healthy expressions of anger.
  4. Quit acting like your shit don’t stink. This is actually same as point 3, but point 3 bears repeating.

There you have it. A handy guide to expressing your anger, sublimating it, and avoiding humbug (hypocrites) like Covid-19 – i.e. the plague.


  • Aqseer

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