1. is beyond human* comprehension. you expect a beta, you’re met with an alpha. every time.
  2. gender? what gender? she grew up climbing trees, you’re better off judging her by her medal count than her sex organs.
  3. she’s stylish as hell – the military is known for being obsessed with turn out, she’s no exception.
  4. daddy issues? yea, to the extent that they make her a “strong, independent woman” whatever that means.
  5. daddy issues 2 – she’s going to be better than her father in every respect. three reasons:
    1. he’s taught her everything he knows
    2. her mother and mother’s mother school her all the time
    3. she’s a proud national, and dedicated to serving the nation just as her parents did.
  6. you’ll need to approach with caution, be on time, bring your ‘A’ game, all day, every day.
  7. she is likely to be better at the “father principle” than maternal nurturing. if you don’t have a nurturing bone in your body, you’re both going to have develop that side in order to co-parent.

the end.

  • Aqseer

*it is debatable whether the military leaves us more human or robot. from personal experience, I’m going to say cent percent more robot.

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