Active Listening Training

What is active listening?

Active listening is a technical term for really listening. In a world that over-values talking and positioning, the ability to pay attention without judgment, a fix-it attitude, or impatience is rare.

Yet, this ability is crucial for everything from professional success to emotional intimacy, fulfilling relationships, and a sense of belonging.

It is possible to have heartfelt conversations and true conflict resolution – as long as there is a shared commitment to listening better.

Be a better listener

If you want to organize an active listening training for your team/on your campus/in your community, reach out and let’s get started.

Not too much to ask, is it? If only more of us knew how.

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Who is this for?

If you are a stressed-out college student, concerned community member or driven colleague wanting better for your team; this training will empower you to speak authentically, be truly heard and prevent individual or group breakdowns before they morph into mental illness.

Your guide to listening

Free e-book with actionable tools to get you, your team and your loved ones listening better, now.

How it works

While a workshop is for you to make shifts in your behaviour and thinking; this training will additionally empower you to train your team, community or family.
This is called a train-to-train model, which allows effective dissemination of these simple, sticky tools so you can carry the experience with you after our time together is done.

No. We don’t do endless theory or lectures. This is a hands-on, interactive, fun and demanding training. Tools are shared in five minutes or less, then we get to discussion, role-play and feedback. Bring pen and paper.

"I feel motivated to continue the legacy you started, and in the isolated law school, a place that can really make you feel inadequate and lonely, it’s really important that alteast I make the least step to make sure I can be someone’s listener and make them feel better. And so yeah, I do feel more capable and I will take this forward."
Harpreet Lamba
Law Student