Art Therapy Workshops

Our workshops are hands-on, interactive, insight-provoking and entertaining. It’s not more than 8 people at a time, so everyone gets individual attention and you emerge from the session with tools you can readily integrate into your life. 

Managing stress

Let’s face it. Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives. If you let it build up in your body, you’re going to feel restless, your body is going to be tense all the time; and without adequate release, this could badly affect your immunity and overall energy and motivation levels.

Sustainable productivity requires stress management, so you can take on a packed work-week at peak potential.

In this workshop, you will learn your stress triggers, behaviours, and healthy ways of coping.  

Pyaar mai paagal

Healthy intimacy requires a deep knowledge of ourselves and something known as our ‘attachment style’ or ‘love style.’ Only when we are aware how our mind is programmed to react to strife or disappointment in our close relationships can we work to make lasting change. Otherwise, we may forever be going after the wrong kind of person, and getting stuck in repeated cycles of unfulfilling relationships or horrific abuse.

Understand your attachment style and learn to work with it—both in terms of coping with conflict, and communicating.

Unlock your creative flow

Everyone can be an artist. This is because creativity is not something we are born with, it is a habit that requires cultivation. If you are a creative professional struggling to meet deadlines, or if you’re out of touch with your intuitive side and would like to access it again, this workshop is for you.

Learn how to break through creative blocks and sustain your state of flow.

Learn to say no

Indians are infamous for not understanding the concepts of privacy, personal space or boundaries, and being unable to hear or say the word ‘no.’ In this time of transition from being all about others’ approval to working and loving for our personal satisfaction, learning to say no is key to living a fulfilled, drama-free and guilt-free personal and work life.

Learn how to say ‘no’ and set boundaries in the context of your work, home or personal life.

How it works

While my group processes and workshops are suitable for all audiences (barring barriers of language); I believe it is best if you and I are a fit for each other when it comes to one-on-one therapy. This is because my approach is collaborative and, as such, we need to share fundamental values in order for the work to enrich you.

Not at all. The challenge will be to let yourself express whatever wants to come up without you judging yourself.

Absolutely. Confidentiality is sacred. This is a safe space and, if I am working with you, even your friends, family and significant others will not have contact with me unless you sanction it, or couple’s/family therapy seems appropriate.

Expressive arts therapy is about catharsis or release through the process, the outcome is irrelevant and is not analyzed or interpreted.

"5 stars and more to Aqseer. Her empathy and compassion are beautifully visible in her work - Helping individuals explore their attachments and leading us to see ourselves with a deeper perspective! Thank you Aqseer for your dedication and understanding. Shine on Aaina"
Astha Ahluwalia
Counselling Psychologist