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“Provocative coaching,” telegraphically delivered.

Many years ago, I inhaled, digested and tried to pass on what I learnt of Provocative Coaching by Jaap Hollander. Since no one is as excited about it as I have been, here’s the magnificent text in a nutshell + … Read More

Repression by Neerja Singh #repost

“While Tia raced along the Ring Road towards the Hauz Khas Village to let steam off with some friends, her grandmother continued to stare at the breaking news on the television. It was about Leslee Udwin’s controversial documentary entitled “India’s … Read More

Heartbreak: the day I gave up on 98% men

If you know me as more than the scary figurehead of this huge ass brand, you know I have always stood by men. Especially as a radical, raging feminist, scratch that, as a furious feminist, I have ALWAYS defended men … Read More

Till you address my self-worth, self-care tools are meaningless

You know the adage, “if you tell a depressed person to go for a run, you should be shot”? You don’t? Not yet, cause it’s mine. Alcoholics have a disease, folks with diabetes have a disease, and so do codependent … Read More

Pavitra in her element

Food supplements for depression and anxiety

In my own recovery from depression and anxiety, I have largely relied on good old Lithium and dedicating myself to my work and spiritual practice. This is not to say that that is the route to recovery for us all. … Read More

Wake-up Corona

For a long while, I have struggled with balancing 5d (spiritual) and 3d (material) realities. For instance, if we individually choose our soul families, what does that mean for how we collectively respond to child sexual abuse? That some of … Read More

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Becoming Wo-man

I always walked weird in school. All the way up until two months ago. Having an abortion helped me come into my own body as a woman, helped me appreciate my tits and pussy. And I began to sway a … Read More

My piece on recovering from depression for the 1st time

And so I decided to focus on the PROCESS that I loved engaging in for its own sake. I started paying close attention to what I genuinely enjoyed doing. And that slow process of self discovery has lead me to — … Read More

#curated – how to stop being a narc magnet

“Narcissists are attracted to the following quality’s: Poor or non existent boundaries Co-Dependents Empaths Givers People pleasers and/or people who have a tendency to give other’s the benefit of the doubt Strong, independent types Those with high power careers/money Anyone … Read More

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Divine Union

The last five days I have seen angel numbers everywhere. Example – 1111, 2222, 4444, 8888, 9999 and a whopping 7 7777; all on license plates. That’s how Archangel Raphael talks to us healers, in numbers and through his colour, … Read More