Kabhi socha

Mujhe kaantein diye, toh gulaab ban gayi Kabhi socha, phool diye hote toh mai kya banti?   Aqseer

The general’s daughter

is beyond human* comprehension. you expect a beta, you’re met with an alpha. every time. gender? what gender? she grew up climbing trees, you’re better off judging her by her medal count than her sex organs. she’s stylish as hell … Read More

How to deal with anger

Ah, anger, the most shameful and misunderstood of emotions. If you’re an angry person, or you grew up around angry people and have no idea to do with that emotion, I have news for you. You are not a snowflake. … Read More

Dear future desi rider chick

Firstly, welcome. It’s a small club, but we fierce. If you’re tryna be me, cause I’m retiring, folks – it’s a slow retirement, but I’m almost gone now. You gotta represent India at the Olympics, don’t you? And you gotta … Read More

Letter to Facebook, Instagram

Facebook, Instagram Firstly, please consider my application withdrawn. Secondly, you’re welcome for the free policy advice that follows. I am writing this as an exhausted content creator and champion of free speech, and as a former user of Instagram. Let … Read More

Off my chest

Thought Catalog is a shitty publication to write for. They just refuse to give you a backlink, nor do they respond to communication asking for it. At this point, I want my singular piece on that site down. Luckily for … Read More

On virginity and learning how to drive

I have a friend. Let’s call him X. X is one of two brothers, raised by a doting couple, proud of himself, his lineage, his family; caring, handsome, and above all, fun. X doesn’t want to get married. What does … Read More

On forgiveness

The f word is long and unweildly You’re thinking I mean fuck but I mean forgively Forgively to me forgively to you Forgively to all especially those that couldn’t save me. – Aqseer

The price of fame

I have been groomed to handle the public eye since I was born. blame my mother, she has always known she’s a superstar, and her first kid was going to be no different. those of you in the legal and … Read More

odd sock girl

故事 time. there was once a girl that was a boy and a boy that was a girl. the girl wore black all the time, the boy showed up to school wearing one pink sock and one blue. somehow the … Read More