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How to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you

So you have a friend that you’ve given all of your time and energy to, and she takes you for granted, jerks you around, says she’ll meet you, then cancels. And you think next time will be different, she’s going … Read More

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Mere Naam

Recently a dear friend told me that he’d just met another man who felt “The day my mother dies, I’ll also die.” In this piece, I will attempt to draw parallels between the love of Nirjara and Radhe in Tere … Read More

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On Unravel, the improv show on mental health

Dear Kaivalya Plays, Congratulations on a fine, heartful attempt at showing us what improv theatre can do for our mental health. The matinee show of Unravel that I attended was about two hours long, with one hour of improv games … Read More

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Flirting tips for y’all with anxious attachment

Spoiler alert – don’t flirt. Because are you capable of it? Not of flirting, of course you can be suggestive and playful and what not, but can you bear to wait? Especially being a magnet for people with avoidant attachment … Read More

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The gift of goodbye

Ambiguous loss. So there’s a term for this feeling. They leave behind objects, don’t they. Memories. Sharp ones. The ones that made us feel for the first time in forever. There’s something compelling about their grandiosity. “I was a bright … Read More

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Gender based splitting is driving us insane

As the #tenyearchallenge does it’s insipid rounds on Facebook, I sit here looking back on my 19 year old self. I’m happy to report that a 5 year long wade through the darkest aspects of my psyche have allowed me … Read More

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