Online Depression Counselling

Do you think you may be depressed? Have your sleep, appetite, sex drive and overall levels of motivation and energy been lower than your baseline/normal levels for more than two weeks? If so, please see a psychiatrist to rule out clinical depression.

Depression is a debilitating mental illness that feels like a fog you cannot see the way out of. It is not sadness, though grief if unprocessed can be a contributing factor to depression. The worst possible scenario is if you have been ill for long enough that suicide seems like the only way out. If you are suicidal, please know that you will not feel like this forever, and get emergency help via suicide helplines, or better yet, ask a friend to take you to the psychiatrist, now.

Even if you are not suicidal, you will probably require medication to help get you to your baseline functionality so you can make it to therapy and start to work on healing your psychological wounds. These could be severe blows to the self esteem arising from life circumstances, or trauma that was never acknowledged or processed, or even an existential crisis that you have not had the time to work through. 

How we can help

In therapy, we will create space for buried anger, resentment, helplessness to surface. If there is a loss that you have not been able to process, we will work through it together – with or without art therapy and somatic therapy tools, depending on what you need.

Once you find your energy coming back, we will start to work on deeper issues, such as what you perceive to be your life’s purpose, what makes your life worth living for you, what you look forward to, what your expectations are from yourself and from life, and how you will keep them realistic as you grow.

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