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I am a psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic and expressive arts therapy offering therapy to teenagers and adults in New Delhi. I work with people experiencing distress due to depression, anxiety, mood or personality disorders, substance abuse, relationship difficulties,  self destructive patterns, loss, trauma or other situational factors. 

Through therapy, we together explore the conflicts that lie at the root of your difficulties in a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive space. This helps you gain insights, articulate your feelings and define boundaries that help you better manage your personal and professional lives.

What is happening to you?


Lost your voice? Sleep? Appetite? Sex drive? Will to live? I can help.


Sick of your brain churning with doomsday scenarios? Reach out.

Personality disorders

Stuck in unfulfilling loops in your personal and professional life? You don't have to be.

Do you resonate with any of these?

If so, counseling can help. Take the first step towards healing.
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I’m Aqseer, a New Delhi based psychotherapist. I spent 5 years graduating from the school of bipolar disorder and BPD, an education in itself aside from my MA in Psychology from Ambedkar University Delhi.

What worked best for me was identifying my attachment style, getting into my body, and resolving my Ganesha/Oedipus complex. My training, and experience of mental illness have equipped me to help you in your growth.

Aaina Therapist New Delhi


While my group processes and workshops are suitable for all audiences (barring barriers of language); I believe it is best if you and I are a fit for each other when it comes to one-on-one therapy. This is because my approach is collaborative and, as such, we need to share fundamental values in order for the work to enrich you.

Having said that, my toolkit is available for you to co-create your therapeutic journey. In other words, you set the pace, you choose whether you want traditional therapy or a more direct, solution-oriented approach, you tell me whether you want to bring body-awareness, somatic experiencing and meditation in, and we draw and dance and sing as much as you are open to and will benefit from.

This is your life. Your therapy. Your choice. Your terms.

Depends on the kind of case. If you need to get on medication on priority, then my first task will just be to help you get to the doctor, and as such, significant progress can be made in the first session itself.

I suggest you stay open to investing in 1-3 sessions the first time you contact me. At the end of the first session, I will share my sense of how long we may need to work together.  We can decide on bi-weekly, weekly or fortnightly sessions, depending on your emotional and financial situation, as well as your inclination.

You should see significant progress by the 3rd session, and should be feeling that therapy is now optional or good-to-have rather than needed by the 10th-12th session.

Absolutely. Confidentiality is sacred. This is a safe space and, if I am working with you, even your friends, family and significant others will not have contact with me unless you sanction it, or couple’s/family therapy seems appropriate.

Appropriate boundary setting is key to effective therapy. As such, I will not be available between individual therapy sessions except to schedule the next session and such logistical concerns.

In cases of emergency, I strongly urge you to first go to a psychiatrist and schedule the earliest possible appointment with me when needed.

Please give me 24 hrs notice if you need to cancel our standing appointment, otherwise I will need you to pay for the missed session the next time you come in.

"I'm glad I came to Aaina and found a therapist who worked with me to help resolve stuff in a safe and non judgemental space. Aqseer's methods work."
Saachi Singh
Visual artist