Heartbreak: the day I gave up on 98% men

If you know me as more than the scary figurehead of this huge ass brand, you know I have always stood by men. Especially as a radical, raging feminist, scratch that, as a furious feminist, I have ALWAYS defended men … Read More

Photo by Mir Shaani, for The Bicyclist

Becoming Wo-man

I always walked weird in school. All the way up until two months ago. Having an abortion helped me come into my own body as a woman, helped me appreciate my tits and pussy. And I began to sway a … Read More

My piece on individuation for The Health Collective

Extract from the full piece on The Health Collective’s website, here. …..Recall that the dyad, or the blissful union of mother and child is broken around age 6 by the child’s ability to perceive the father, the word “no” and … Read More