Always-with-you meditative technique to calm the noise in your head. 

Learn ana pana meditation – in a group or privately, in New Delhi. 

About ana pana meditation

Ana pana meditation is a simple technique of focusing on your breath that needs only daily practice to master. Once it becomes muscle memory, it empowers you to tailor your response to your environment no matter what the situation. Best of all, you can always access it because you have breath for as long as you live.

Benefits of meditation

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

More energy

Reduced Insomnia

Increased brain activity and creativity

Why ana pana?

First things first. Ana pana meditation is not about emptying your mind of thought.

I like to think of it as an endurance sport where we train our mind to focus on our breath when we find our thoughts taking over.

Why ana pana? Because it’s
a) easy to learn, and
b) no fuss, always-with-you.

Having said that, if you have considerable experience of trauma, or are more visual than tactile, a different technique may suit your needs better.

How it works

Not going to lie, I’m keen on spiritual practice, astrology, all of it. But meditation class is about training our focus-muscle, end of story. Technique, practice, sharing of our experience. No pontification.

You won’t until you try. However you could read up on other techniques like Kasina meditation, transcendental meditation and go with your gut instinct on what will suit you. Or just drop-in and see how you feel.

I understand, and I think that’s a valid reaction. For this one I can only say that I had a similar block, and I am so glad I still tried Vipassana, because it transformed the way I live my life. Drop-in! See how you feel.

I have to admit that the cynical lawyer in me was skeptical... Trust me when I say that that one hour of silence will do way more for you that any number of hours of binge eating, drinking or TV show viewing. From past experience, I can also say that any interactions with Aqseer will leave you feeling happier in your own skin and unapologetic about who you are. Try it out, ESPECIALLY if you’re skeptical.
Sanjana Govil
Social Finance Consultant