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I offer both short and long term therapy, as well as solution focused and traditional talk-therapy – depending on your need and preference.  I also offer online therapy, though I find it works better to have at least one session in person.

Group work

Art therapy

Art therapy workshops

Hands-on workshops on stress management, cultivating healthy relationships, learning to say no, and unlocking your creative flow.​



Always-with-you meditative technique to silence the noise in your head. Drop in, or register for a session series. ​

Active Listening Workshops Aaina

Active listening training

Enjoy better communication in your professional and personal life by learning to really listen.

Welcome to your safe space

This online Reddit community is a safe space to share thoughts and feelings that are not adequately received in your flesh and blood life. Even your best friend isn’t available to you when you need to think through your frustration with them. 

Get that weight off your chest. We all speak from the ‘I’, so you can look forward to learning from others’ experience and being spared advice. 

Hi! I'm Aqseer

Young Indians today are caught between our need for community and individuality.
A lot of us are experiencing emotional adolescence in our 20s. And accessible, non-judgmental, non-hierarchical as well as empowering help is difficult to find.

I’m Aqseer, a body-awareness based psychotherapist in New Delhi. I offer individual therapy, art therapy workshops, listening training and meditation + sharing sessions.

I experienced a tough yet profound journey through mental illness between 2013 and 2017. This taught me valuable lessons that I want to share with you.
I don’t want you to just survive, I want you to thrive.

"Over the last 3 years, I have attended many different sessions and workshops that Aqseer has organized as Aaina and many have helped me deal with trauma and finding release. Aqseer is a warm presence who quietly eases you into her surroundings without pushing you. I highly recommend Aaina."
Oindrila Duttagupta
"Aqseer is a patient, understanding, non-judgemental therapist who listens to you with empathy and helps you manage any challenges you're facing. I'm fortunate that I found Aaina when I needed help and I know I wouldn't ever hesitate again in seeking help for my mental health. Would 10/10 recommend you visit if you're looking for a safe space to discuss your issues."
Rachit Verma
Creative director

Are you or your loved one struggling?

Get pointers on how to best care for them. 


"Aaina, the initiative Sodhi runs, has adapted a manual on peer-support training from the Trinity College, Dublin... The workshop helps the selected candidates conduct “listening circles” that can identify different stages of mental illness among their peers."
"When I came across Aaina, I realised there’s a lot more to discuss outside of what we experience. I spoke to Aqseer, a queer feminist psychotherapist who launched this initiative in March 2015, using art therapy, active listening and meditation to tackle Delhi’s stigma’s around depression, sexuality and anxiety."
"Aqseer Sodhi... opined that these institutional centres did not fully serve the youngsters...The need was for... peer support training, which teaches a student to hear and share the problems of a similarly aged person in distress."

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